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Mission Statement

The Natural History of the Gila Symposium’s mission is to provide a venue for researchers, land managers, conservationists, and educators to meet and share information and ideas gathered from the Gila Region including watersheds and neighboring areas extending into southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona and Mexico.

Partners for this symposium include: United States Forest Service, Western Institute of Lifelong Learning, Bureau of Land Management, Native Plant Society of New Mexico – Gila Chapter, the Audubon Society (Southwestern New Mexico Chapter), New Mexico State University, and Western New Mexico University.

Gila National Forest Service funding allows everyone to attend the Natural History of the Gila Symposium FREE OF CHARGE.

Steering Committee Members: Wen-chi Chen, Joneen (Jony) Cockman, Dave Menzie, Dustin Myers, Corrie Neighbors, William (Bill) Norris, Theodore (Ted) Presler, Art Telles, Roland Shook, Wendy Sutton, Kathy Whiteman.

7th Natural History of the Gila Symposium Planning Committee:

Front Row (left to right): Kathy Whiteman, Corrie Neighbors, Heather Steinmann, Roland Shook; Back Row (left to right): Ted Presler, Wendy Sutton, William (Bill) Norris, Dave Menzie, Dustin Myers. Missing from picture: Wen-chi Chen, Jony Cockman. Photo by R. Kleinman


Front Row (left to right): Dave Menzie, Corrie Neighbors, Wen-chi Chen, Back Row (left to right): Dustin Myers, William (Bill) Norris, Ted Presler, Wendy Sutton, Roland Shook. Missing from picture: Kathy Whiteman, Corrie Neighbors,  Jony Cockman. Photo by R. Kleinman

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For information contact Dr. William Norris at norrisw@wnmu.edu